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Back in the day…. I guess I saw myself as a bit of a budding writer. Possibly still do, what with a little bloggery here and there. Its just a case that I need to find more time to write..

What Is Poetry?

To be honest, to this day, I still don’t really call my work ‘Poetry’ I feel much more at ease simply referring to it as writing or writings. Why? Well I guess I just just go off what a poem really is, or is meant to be. Sure some of the things I have written have metaphorical elements, but for the most part, I never really touched too hard on the rhythmical attributes usually associated with ‘poetry’. I guess what you make of it all is your own choice and preference. I don’t dwell on it. It is what it is, and it means something to me, that’s all that truly matters when putting words and references to life down.

Below are a handful of my writings from when I was little more than a juvenile trying to find a footing on the greatest of journeys, life.

Any comments in relation to my writings are warmly received. Please though, try at least to keep them constructive. Thank you.

Heaven or hell

My Lips like devils to decayheaven-hell-sign
fatal feeble freckles of musk
The room trembled in a state of exasperating terror
traversable yet assuredly
The Cap spaciousness withdrew itself from my field of vision

Television mirages of dull speckles gave way hastily
Uncovering undiscovered heavenly body’s
Characterized from the skyline with their own apparent motions
Visible masses of condensed vapours
Proceeded vigorously and vanished

Redness, easily the required quantity to enrage a bull
Distraught unclean spirits loitered scarcely
Destruction seemed at hand yet not destined
Yin yang’s became visible then ceased to exist

Which moveable barrier would open

It would seem I had the vital striving
As an individual to hold on

© DaSped 92

 Protect Me From Myself

Protect me from myself came to mind because I had no idea where my life was headed. (I still don’t). But at this particular point in my life 20 Yrs old, my brain was completely overloaded with ambition, choices and dreams. Some came to fruition, and of course, as with many dreams, many did or have not. Yet….!

My only discomfort comes from withinstarlight
Please protect me from myself

You cannot judge me through thought
Through mind body and soul
I tell my story

My life is not as it seems
No-one knows me but myself
And I am unsure

I see stars as souls, mine has not yet parted
I will be aware
I forgot my birth

I’m guilty of attacking myself in mind
My thoughts are destined to destroy

A fire burns high and mighty
Yet there is no fluid to quench it

© DaSped 93


Sad Times

Sad Times, reading some of my writings back I laugh at some of their naivety, no scrub that, their simplicity. That said, some, like this one still strike true. Something I had read or watched on the news / documentary this particular day or week. Fresh out of HMAF at this point in my life. I guess its all relevant. Propaganda, hype, the cold war…

As The night falls upon usatomic-bomb
My mind now not the same
Memories seem faded
My attitude
Changed dramatically
To a menace of a world
Fighting for peace and security
But there shall be none
Tiny violent minds of children
Promises that disappear
A Blast could arrive
To shatter our lives
With one fatal dive
These times…

© Sped 94

Beautiful Hole

Beautiful Hole. Off we go at sleepy time. How deep you want to go. I guess a psychologist could elaborate. I still find this writing somewhat comforting, a nice place, a place of drifting with warmth inside. I still believe I’m closest to those who no longer walk the earth as I drift. What’s it all about…

The subconscious mind and soulbeautiful-hole
Moving into the unconscious hole
What is it these beings feel
Deeper and deeper falling around
Yet never actually hitting the ground
Smell that sound subtle and still
Magical mystical caves of surprise
The exit is near I feel a presence
Walls of rock surrounding my whole being
Enclosed by this solid world
I have entered my universal pattern
And found myself
How to escape, I know not
Where or when
I’ve just arrived

© DaSped 94

Unborn child

Unborn Child -I guess this writing stems from the same mindset I was in when I put down sad times. I wasn’t thinking about children of my own during this period of my life. Its for this reason I can say that it really holds no relevance or significance when it comes down to personal attachment. Who know why such thoughts come to mind.

I particularly like this writing because of that. It is clearly the subconscious mind playing itself out…

Fragile minds individual fewunborn-child
I feel this world has nothing for you
Children can see but not yet do
If I’m not mistaken the future feels blue
I feel I can not yet graft into raising you
Softly spoken words of might
His cries ring out in middays night
I Try so do with all my might
To make a new world for you that’s true
I fear for me, as I fear for you

© DaSped 94


What Decisions Are Mine

An unaccustomed silence converts the landspitting-image_government
I Know the direction I face
Were will my motionless mind neglect me
A metallic noise at the door of insanity
The gesture is welcoming
I need not enter, as a part of me rests here
I feel confusion entering a vessel
Electromagnetic radiation my senses control
Vision is not needed in darkness
Horses run unoccupied
My thoughts aloud
They should be free
Their trails of power and commendable fortune
To human life, existence, death, I disagree
Its politics that state we are free
“Bullshit” As for me I am not free
Problems arise, then fade from view
Social Society stings like storms from the south
We live how they want us to be
They contend in battle amongst themselves
Neglecting the popularity’s opinion
Herbs are banished from view
I think maybe we are the forgotten few
They speak for themselves un-natural but true
A land that’s free, that’s where I’ll be
Who the fuck are they that Judge me

Or You…

© DaSped 94

 Political – Have Your Say

Have Your Say – There I go again. All political and such. And once again, in near twenty years, my words are still ringing true ‘to me’. In a recent rant, I even stated on Facebook that should Ed Miliband become Prime Minister of the UK in the next general election. I will campaign and run for it myself in the following one. (Well perhaps not).

Why the interest? Why the dislike? Doesn’t everyone think they could do a better job?

Question is, ‘if that’s the case’ why don’t we?.

When the simulated currents of a lost life-form appearClock_Tower_Palace_of_Westminster_London
And all situations appear fearful and wrong
Nothing satisfy’s conditional atmospheric moments
Opposing, in appalling masses of demolition and hatred
Where stands right from wrong
Confused and abducted from reality

The Stench of a political meeting stimulates unreasonable opinions
Enthusiastic and fully developed with mental disease
Their metabolism flowing through the masses of the populations nerve tissue
Deceptive, Irony inevitably present
Intellectual infatuations clash like neglected gladiators
Seems like truth lies in distant land

Humane emotion, sensitivity differs in each individual
Generational gaps, offspring
Yet styles of an earlier period remain
Unfounded youth of today
Slowly go insane

Are there any parliament members of this day
Willing to let us have our say

© DaSped 94


Five Wonders

Five Wonders – A period that truly changed the course of my life. Finding surfing at this particular point in my life was truly a blessing. The journey that took me to the waves was eventful to say the least, but that’s for another time.

I have not shared enough intimate moments with the Ocean of late, career changes and life in general has stepped in the way. Does this mean, I have moved on? certainly not. There will cometh the day when I can once again partake in its wondrous pleasures.

Not a single day goes bye where I don’t think about the ocean and times shared. With friends, with colleagues. My time will come once again and when it does, it will know I’ve been waiting.

Sit Indoors and weepDaSped Hells Mouth Corner
Natural neighbours surrounding you
Get out and run from a castle in a street
Before a life line has you beat
A breeze lashes out
Only to be a comfort in itself
This is a status
A symbol of health
Don’t drag me down
For water I have found
This endless comfort shall not be forgotten
Falling from above
Dropping like a dove
A Blessing is sent
For this life is not yet spent
Blinding and burning
Rays shine down
Look up to this sky of sun
For soon its place to be taken
A cool bright light a night
Shall always be with me
With sound and sight
The greeting
This huge powerful mass
Right now at last
My body no longer a cast
Among a plane I seem only to be lost

Let the ocean be my ruler
Ride the ocean
There’s nothing cooler

© DaSped 95


Watching – The unconscious, Ea, the god of water. Something sparked this moment of writing. The Chinese hunting whales, a natural disaster in the shape of an oil spill. Clearly though at this point of my life I was engulfed with the ocean. ‘Awakened’ to catastrophes like never before.

A year or so passes with nothing and yet still we are pestered with human error. Tankers getting hooked up. BP making a complete hash of things. The way the most of the World goes about fishing is completely screwed up. I could go on.

Depressing was being in Hossegor (France) surfing in 2002/03. When the Bahamian oil tanker broke apart and spilled over 60,000 tonnes of fuel into sea. I remember stepping into the stuff on my way down the beach on numerous occasions. Coming out of the water with black patches and smears all over my board. Gutting for me in a trivial way, the impact on the shores its environment and the ecology there-in. Awful!

Street light surprisingly softly litea-fish-god
Cool and connected to time
Money must mean too much to you
Forgotten with the rampaging brains of youth
My values are true
And You, You will not trick the big blue
Two thirds are wet
Waters this world
Unfounded Ea takes care of the naturally formed
Hunters kill with objects of fright
Escape is distant, the struggle for survival
Surprisingly enough Ea gets back at people like you
Turning up in formations of fish
This worlds his too
Lack of respect his almighty shalt turn
Black fluid seeps suddenly
Into a crater of endless currents
Unnoticed no just loitering
Like the birds of black
For the big bad blue
Revenge now true
Victory a distant sight for the hopeful
Attitudes change once his mind turns to you
We have no strength inside to reverse occurrences
Your problems will stick like glue
Why even try to conquer
Hope shall fall through
Lord of this Unconscious, has his gaze set
He’s Watching You…

© DaSped 94



Dreams – No certain someone, no certain inspiration at the moment in time I wrote this. Just thoughts.

Today I felt a dream touch me,dreams-goddess
I will never fall to the arms of another,

Moments shared with you,
Never shall I cover.

My love my heart I give solely to one,
Special I sense electricity,
Sparks fly I see offspring from freedom,
Uninterrupted for a while,
But open for all to view.

In my dream, I saw perfection,
A picture,
A figure of you.

© DaSped 94

So there we are… Some certainly a little dark, a tad negative. But when one does sit down to write, are any of us always stoked up and happy or are these all just reflections of the ups and downs we each endure.