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Real Reviews – One thing you may well come to note, well, depends on how much I actually get down and post I guess, but I don’t tell porkies. I won’t amp a friends business unless it is entirely worthy. You won’t catch me talking about anything dishonestly. I can be harsh but it’s all just black and white to the point some can’t bear it. No different face to face as I Am here, though I can elaborate better when it comes to finger twitch time over a keyboard.

Real reviews matter! With so much information being available online nowadays. Its real easy to collect fantasy testimonials and reviews. The beauty of a personal blog is, you can voice your opinion on whatever you want. I’m not going to say you should trust my every word, but be sure to have a little faith in my opinion at the very least. Its real!

Sep 17, 2013 @ 0:54

RUSH – My First Film Review

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RUSH... Friday the 13th September 2013 It felt like I'd been amping myself up for the release of Ron Howard's Rush movie since the day after the Silverstone GP when [...]