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My Spat Dummy Section – Sometimes its just good to get things off your chest. This category is where I will no doubt put down, most if not all my rantery. Labeled Victor Meldrew of my good lady, she can vouch that I can certainly chew the fat over many things. But don’t stress, I won’t frequent this area too often. I don’t watch TV that often so try to also refrain from politics and such nowadays. Those asshats never please anyone, so I’ve given up bothering. I’am quite the critic so if your restaurant winds up here it’s nothing personal.

Sometimes writing about that which winds you the wrong way can actually be quite therapeutic. My spat dummy rants are generally set ablaze through experiencing something negative, paying for a service that sucks, purchasing a product that doesn’t do what it says on the tin. Trivial nonsense really but once aired and posted I can free myself of it forever. Watch out.