Sped? (i) Abbreviated surname – Speddy – Sped!

Life in the briefest….

The SPEDDY Surname: From what I can make out, the surname of Speddy is an English name of two-fold origin. It was a baptismal name, a font name wishing prosperity or good-speed to the child and it was also used as a nickname for a swift runner, from the Old English word SPED. In Scotland the name is spelt SPED, SPEED and SPEEDY.

Searching our Speddy family history it would appear our tiny tribe has ascended from the Lancaster area. It is certainly a rare surname so if anyone happens to stumble on this page in search of their own clan and would perhaps like to hook up on Ancestry, please feel free to contact me.

I have always been a Speddy, primarily known to most as Sped, the last male in the bloodline of the smallest family in the world (Or so it would seem) My Grandmother Ada nick named me “The Sped” because of this.

Working in the UK surf industry for a number of years (A far cry from my joyous youthful summer swims in the Rochdale canal)  my name seemingly just transformed into Da-Sped (Perhaps taking a Hawaiian twist with the use of ‘Da’ after spending some time working under licence to Da Hui, selling their products around the UK.).

Humble life beginnings in Rochdale. At the time, (1973) Rochdale was still Lancashire, not Greater Manchester as it bizarrely known today. It is for that reason I have always felt, and consider myself to be; A Lancashire Lad. Now residing in Rossendale, I’m once again very much back in the red rose county.

As a wee chappy I attended Crossgates Primary School – Carlsberg don’t do school’s but if they did! – Probably the best primary school the world over, certainly whilst it was under Mr  (Ed, Eddie) Aadahl, anyway. (Hope I spelt his name right). Growing up in Milnrow was nothing short of a stroke of genius from my parents, I have so many awesome memories and tales to be told. Hopefully some will come out on here.

High School, well, shall we say it just wasn’t my forte, for whatever reason. I began work at the age of 15 (Whilst I should have still been attending school) as a plasterer’s labourer. At 17 a stint in HMAF woke me right up and I thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Next up, the ocean and all her treasures, the rest as they say is history…

I guess that the web design aspect of my life stems from my inherent creative side. I also thoroughly enjoy writing/typing, English lessons at school are one of the only things I ever remember truly enjoying. Text is a place I can lose myself entirely, allow my emotions to be engulfed by any moment, somewhere that are no restrictions as to where you can allow your imagination to take you and elaborate on all the weird and wonderful things within. Harmony.

So… Enough waffle for now, hopefully I can cleanse myself of all the things I ever wanted to write as this site progresses. Hopefully some of it will be of some interest to others but frankly my dears, I couldn’t give a damn either way. Ciao for now.