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Formula 1 News  – I’ve been a fan of F1 since I was a child. I was a disillusioned fan throughout the last third of the Schumacher Championship era and have been a progressively emphatic fan since around 2007/8.

Lover of the sport of F1 with all its apparent flaws and lack of noise. Every era is a progressive era and Formula 1’s natural evolution is fine by me. Bicker and whining got nobody anywhere ever! So… With that out of the way. I’m a British F1 fan who enjoys racing full stop, the drivers I’m inclined to support and follow with a little more enthusiasm than the rest are, Max Verstappen, Jenson Button, Lewis Hamilton & Romain Grosjean.

Can’t abide by the current breed of socially inbred FaceBook & Twitter haters. I appreciate every single driver for what they bring to the track and so long as they empty their soul into their racing I respect them. Personality is just a bonus. The way folk preach against the famous due to their perception of who they think these people are is nothing short of pathetic. As a sports fan – The Sport Must Always Come First!

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RUSH – My First Film Review

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RUSH... Friday the 13th September 2013 It felt like I'd been amping myself up for the release of Ron Howard's Rush movie since the day after the Silverstone GP when [...]