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Who? Out of all the websites in all the world….

//Who? Out of all the websites in all the world….

question-markYou wound up here….

A stroke of genius? fate? a complete random click?..

I always wondered what was/is the point in creating a blog, what sort of people bother with them and indeed, who do we actually hope will read them, if anyone at all?

Truth be known, I really have not given it all much thought until now. Who may visit, who will actually read if they do end up here, who could possibly give a shit what I write, how will people perceive me, the list goes on.

I simply wish to vent a little and write about the things that I love, enjoy and make me laugh. The things that I hate. The trivial things, stuff that does not matter and probably never will. And of course the things that bug the complete and utter shite out of me.

My views, opinion’s and ideas will no doubt stem from random sparks within, they may well be uniformed arguments. They may be stupid, senseless and completely irrational and off the wall, but they will all be my own.

There will inevitably be posts that rile some, posts that warm the odd cockle, things that are incorrect, wrong and completely distasteful to some. I’m not looking to offend, upset or traumatise anyone! Merely stating the inevitable.

This whole idea is merely a selfish experiment. Like so many things in my life, I have absolutely no idea why I do them, I’m impulsive, I love to jump into things on a whim, because I can, because I want too, ‘A blog! because I just want some shizzle out and not locked in any more. Surely it can’t just be me that has a brain full of vexed content, full of ideas, joy, frustration, fascination, hate, love, peace, war, turmoil and tranquillity, blah…

What is a diary other than something that will be either cast aside and lost upon our departure or a treasured lifelong story handed down through the generations for others to perhaps read and paint pictures.

So anyway, waffle over, here I am, and here are my stories, laid down for any and all with the remotest of interest. Who I am does not matter, what I have to say means absolutely nothing in the grand scheme of things, everything is just my own humble interpretation of all that I feel so compelled to write.

To enjoy or not to enjoy, that is the question.

Time will tell…..

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