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St Georges Day – My English Lion-heart

//St Georges Day – My English Lion-heart

StGeorgeandthedragoncopyEvery country has skeletons in it’s closet, not least of them England. We didn’t gain an empire by being fair, decent and honest. What our ancestors did do well was dominate a considerable chunk of the globe whilst pretty much owning the oceans, that’s just how it was. Love us or loath us, barbaric times did call for barbaric actions and this small unassuming Island stood considerably taller than many! There is much from our history that greatly disturbs me, equally there is much happening in our current timeline that is equally disturbing. Sorry, I don’t have the answers or the power to change that.
What then have we English got to sing about in 2013?……
The best bits about being English!

Many English poems and songs relay to us a proud inherited ancestry. They tell us where we came from and what we should always aspire to maintain and be as a nation. Millions have sacrificed their all for our freedoms, however limited they all may seem at times – Lest we forget!

Despite being agnostic and largely anti-religious. Past English poetry, anthems and hymns that contain religious quotes and figures do not hinder my appreciation toward them.

No noble birth rights. No Eaton scholarship here, no inherent aspirations of immediately joining the political kindergarten that is Westminster.

What can I do?

I can create a little poetry of my own, no matter how small or trivial it all may seem. I can always tell others close and around me about the utmost pride and respect I have for my country now and parts of it’s spectacular history. This in the sincere hope that future generations keep our anthems, songs and dreams alive. Perhaps create many more along the way.

I can only hope that the numerous lost souls within this Great land somehow regain the respect for their communities, and their nation on the whole. Seemingly, it has been partly clouded and lost by many.

So many parents, elders, teachers and leaders that are completely failing to instil so very much into so many. Pride, Self worth, Respect for all others, the list goes on…

How to best deal with the bizarre 21st Century notions and politically correct ideals that circulate negativity and feel like they are intent on somehow suppressing English pride.

Well… I can personally start by saying;

Not on this Blog! – That much, I can vow to thee!

So long as my blood runs red, I will always be ENGLISH… (With fruitful noted hints of Scotland, Wales & Ireland!)

“And Savagely Proud”!


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